Platform for the "Quality of Life" mission

With the relaunch of its website, DR. KADE positions itself as a versatile healthcare company and valuable partner for pharmacies, doctors and patients. At the same time, the long-established organization is launching a digital flagship project for its strategic realignment.



Corporate Website DR. KADE


Quality of life is the guiding principle behind the new strategy of DR. KADE, the pharmaceutical company founded in 1886.  And, at DR. KADE, quality of life means above all:  Preventing diseases, curing diseases, maintaining health. Obtaining the digital mindset and learning to take digital action: these have been identified as the most important areas to focus efforts on. The company's own website was therefore a beacon project that not only makes the company's new self-image initially visible, but also shows the way. At the same time it should have an effect on the "inner man". 

Digital communication plays a central role on the path from clinical pharmaceutical manufacturer to health care expert. This is true for both the exchange with external target groups as well as with employees. Together with the DR. KADE project team, we function as the digital pacemaker for the creative heart implementing the current corporate strategy.

Instrument for Change Management

Collaboration with UEBERBIT enabled DR. KADE to intelligently direct its digitization initiative. The intent of this initiative is to focus on the company's own strengths in service and consulting and to promote innovation. is the central point of contact for customers and professionals who need medical and pharmaceutical information. The company’s dialog with these key groups generates impulses for new products and solutions. At the same time,  has a motivating effect on its workforce, thereby helping to retain its current employees as well as find new employees.


Corporate Website DR. KADE


Users first

For the new corporate design of DR. KADE we created a stage within the digital space. conveys the company's competence and seriousness in a striking way. It is modern and appeals at all levels. In order to fully take into account the user needs of the website visitors, we developed a lean and clear navigation scheme oriented to "mobile first" as per the "user centered design" method.


Corporate Website DR. KADE


Effective technology

With an eye on its ongoing transformation into the future, will also play an important role in the long term. Technologically, we have set up the website accordingly and aligned it with the needs of the editorial team: With the forward-looking content and asset management system, content can be easily created, managed and prioritized: If desired, the powerful full-text search generates top results on key topics.


DR. KADE Corporate Website
UEBERBIT was recommended to us as a digital agency and we are more than satisfied with our choice. The team works together very efficiently and at an eye-to-eye level with the customer. UEBERBIT really immersed itself deep into the project and delivered a first-class result, not only technically, but especially in terms of the user experience. We are looking forward to working together with UEBERBIT on future projects and taking the next steps jointly.
Mirja Kruthoff (DR. KADE)
Mirja Kruthoff
Manager of Digital Corporate Communications
DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

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