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What makes Drupal different?

Drupal is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world. The open source content framework provides the basis for a wide variety of web-based applications. Whether websites, intranets or e-learning applications and business intelligence solutions: there are hardly any limits to creativity. This flexibility is one of Drupal's particular strengths. Complex enterprise solutions with extensive language and multi-site structures are just as feasible as lean product websites.

On a strong foundation

Its origins in the open source movement give Drupal a strong foundation. The system benefits from the constant development of new capabilities and features that emerge in the community. The developer community meets at regular camps and meetups, where a lively exchange takes place and new ideas are developed together. This way, Drupal always remains "state of the art". UEBERBIT's specialists actively participate in the further development of the open source system and regularly contribute to the extension of the core functionalities.

Drupal offers these advantages

No license costs
No license costs

Drupal is an open source software under GNU license and thus allows you a much faster return on investment in the project than commercially offered CMS with comparable capabilities.


Due to its modular structure, Drupal can be used for a wide variety of requirements. Therefore, it is an ideal content management system for medium-sized companies with a regional or international focus as well as for large companies and corporations.


Drupal plays to its strengths especially as a system for social publishing and content management framework. Added to this is the multi-site capability, with which several websites can be served from one application. This simplifies editing and facilitates system maintenance and updates.

Secure and stable
Secure and stable

Due to regular security updates and permanent further development, the OpenSource solution has high security standards. But only if the updates are also implemented - therefore a maintenance of your system is of central importance.


Thanks to a modular architecture, your application remains expandable at any time and open for the solution of new requirements.

Marketing tools

A large number of integrations with various marketing tools are already available for Drupal. These include providers such as Marketo, Hubspot, Cleverreach, Inxmail, Mailchimp, LinkedIn or Chartbeat.

For many years, we have been implementing solutions based on Drupal, which are characterized by an outstanding customer experience. Our projects are regularly awarded, among others, at the Splash Awards for outstanding Drupal applications. You can find our Drupal references in our Success Stories.

Drupal as an intranet platform

Due to its origins as social software, Drupal is also very well suited for applications that focus on collaboration. This makes Drupal the ideal platform for modern intranet applications, enabling international companies to bring their geographically dispersed employees together digitally. Thanks to Drupal's API-first approach, the intranet easily shares data with other applications such as ERP, CRM, HR - an essential factor in a modern service-oriented IT architecture.

Thunder: Drupal for publishers

The Drupal distribution Thunder offers a number of advantages for web publishing, for example in the publishing industry. Editorial workflows are optimally supported, and the resulting content is prepared in the system in a search engine-optimized manner. We have already implemented several successful projects with Thunder and are officially listed as a Certified Thunder Integrator (CTI).

Die Drupal Agentur für Thunder Projekte

Present and future

Drupal has long since evolved into a powerful enterprise content management system. Since version 8, Drupal offers not only more security and speed in page loading, but also more usability in the backend and a strong focus on mobile-friendliness/responsiveness than in previous versions. Newer versions are now available, and official support for Drupal 8 was discontinued in November 2021.

With Headless Drupal, Drupal is already on its way to the future of web development. The headless approach creates the basis for the playout of content on multiple end devices with completely different focuses and presentation forms (omnichannel publishing). This was not possible in the classic CMS approach, where backend and frontend are still interlocked. 

Want to know more?

If you are planning a relaunch or a new project or want to know more about the possibilities of Drupal, let's talk.

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