We make technology.

In 1996, a physicist and a designer joined forces and began to develop digital platforms using web technologies. The foundation stone for our agency was laid. A quarter of a century later, the interplay of technology and creation has established itself as the core of the brand. The founders Daniel Bönisch and Dr. Boris Stepanow still lead UEBERBIT as owners today. The team includes experts in software development, design, consulting and project management. From our headquarters in Mannheim and an office in Stralsund, we support customers from various industries in their digitization efforts, many of them with an international focus. Some clients have been with us since their first steps on the web.

Customer centricity

The focus of our work is the customer's strategy: The software solution is aligned with it, never the other way around. In addition to the technological quality, the usability of the application determines its acceptance. Therefore, we focus on the future users with their characteristics, tasks, and goals. According to the method of user centered design we realize individual corporate websites, e-commerce solutions, social intranets and custom applications.

Precisely designed and implemented solutions help our customers to achieve their goals, to react to dynamic requirements and to be successful in the long term. We also optimize complex and evolved IT architectures and combine new components with established systems.


In order to develop future-proof solutions, we have relied predominantly on open source software, such as Drupal, TYPO3 and Magento, since our inception. Open source software meets the highest quality and security standards and makes companies autonomous from (usually large) commercial providers and their business policies. Open source software offers our customers the opportunity to use open and scalable architectures. We help them to integrate the most effective software components and thus remain flexible for future requirements. The long lifetime of our applications speaks for the success of this approach.

We keep up to date with the latest technological developments through the permanent exchange of knowledge within the international open source community. Our employees get involved with other specialists and make their own contributions to the further development of the software.


Learning together, questioning the existing, readjusting if necessary and sharing knowledge: Openness, dynamism and self-organization characterize our corporate culture. Our skills and methods enable us to achieve the best results as innovative pacesetters in all disciplines.

Many colleagues have been employed at UEBERBIT for a long time, some since their apprenticeship. Since 2011, students of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University have completed their practical phase with us and usually stay with the team after graduation.


Since we want to meet demanding standards in the long term, we provide all services, including testing and operations, at our two locations in Germany. All employees undergo regular training in data protection. Our service languages are German and English.

Responsible action at UEBERBIT also includes social and ecological aspects. Our measures include various activities around the well-being of our workforce and sustainability (including JobRad offer, cooperative green electricity). We demonstrate social commitment in the form of donations and sponsorships for charitable causes in accordance with our corporate social responsibility guidelines.