We make technology a friend.

One thing up-front: There is no one singular digital transformation. Every company must find their own individual path to go digital in a sustainably successful manner. 

With our support, you will create a solid foundation for your personalized digital transformation – with innovative strategies, well thought-out concepts and future-capable technologies. Down the road, our smart solutions will help you to boost your profitability and safeguard your position amongst the competition.

Digital transformation

Your digital conversion gives us the opportunity to think about creation of added value for your enterprise. Together with you. In our workshop, YELLOW HOUSE OF CHANGE, it’s all about the markets and technologies of tomorrow, about unconventional thinking and maverick visions, the search for digital talent within your own company or even about taking a fresh look at customer relationships. 

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Marketing automation

Marketing automation makes the marketing and sales process more efficient because it makes possible goal-oriented campaigns whose results are easily measurable. In this way, the monetary and resource expenditure involved with recurring customer segmentation tasks is reduced.

With our marketing automation solutions, you generate sales-relevant leads, increase customer loyalty & satisfaction and, in so doing, boost your revenue.

Digital workplace

Modern intranets hold the potential for work and communication processes, for efficient information management, optimal workflows and motivated employees. As a component of the “digital workplace”, an intranet can be flexibly integrated in the daily work routine including mobile access options.

We offer you competent consultation, well-grounded concepts and the technical implementation – both with SharePoint as well as with open-source systems (e.g. Drupal). While doing this, we also support you by answering all your questions and addressing issues related to user adoption and change management.

Business solutions

Which is the appropriate technology? The most effective platform? In the wake of digitalization, companies are faced with many multi-faceted decisions, such as how to remain competitive or how to open up new business areas.

As part of your IT infrastructure, our individualized solutions take your specific requirements into account. During the development, we utilize agile methods, thereby ensuring high quality in the software.

Managed services

Regardless of where your software solution operates – we offer you a whole host of benefits and services in the realm of hosting, cloud storage, system security, backup and performance monitoring.