The conception sets the course for a successful solution. It is of decisive importance because all essential criteria are already determined in this early phase.

When is an application successful, what does the conception have to achieve?

  • If it pays off in terms of achieving the business goals: define strategy and measures.
  • If it can do what it must be able to do: Determine functionality.
  • If it can do this well: Establish foundations for UX/UI.
  • If it is actually used: Promote user adoption.

A digital solution only works if it has a solid conceptual foundation. 

User Centered Design - our method of choice

The path to an excellent and functioning customer experience inevitably leads via the User Centered Design method in the conception process. This results in solutions that are consistently tailored to the requirements and needs of the user groups. Already in the first step of the conception process, a research and discovery phase, the focus is on the future users. We work this out in workshops in which representatives of the different user groups participate or through individual interviews. Typical use cases along the customer journey are used to develop the required functionalities and processes, and user stories are used to formulate the functional requirements. The documentation is done textually, with wireframes or as a flowchart.

The conception within the User Centered Design process at UEBERBIT includes a requirements analysis as well as a technical conception.

Conception as a cross-sectional task

On the part of the agency, all disciplines are involved in the conception phase in addition to the UX designers. Architect, front-end and back-end developers take care of the system specification, interfaces, data flows and the interaction of the technical components.  The development of the user guidance is already supported by the front-end development. The experts for consulting and project management look after strategic and organisational matters as well as project time planning. All process and work results are written down and made available to the entire project team on our cloud project platform Cogo.