Notification Center: Intranet extension for Aristo Pharma

Intranet at Aristo Pharma

A good year after the launch, we are constantly expanding the functionalities of arinet: Thanks to the new Notification Center, the Aristo Pharma Group's intranet now offers its users an even better overview of the activities on the knowledge and work platform. The internal communication and collaboration of the pharmaceutical manufacturer will thus become even more user-friendly and efficient beyond the boundaries of location and country.

arinet networks the approximately 1,700 employees of Aristo Pharma in Germany and other European countries. The Notification Center keeps them up to date on their personal intranet feed, for example when they interact with their own contributions or comments, new or updated announcements and internal job postings or appointments as well as group activities. In this way, the Social Intranet increases user attention and motivates them to use the platform regularly. In doing so, it supports the company in implementing its internal zero e-mail Policy: e-mail traffic is relieved and valuable content does not end up in e-mail boxes.

The arinet intranet was honored at the 2019 Splash Awards, which recognize particularly successful solutions based on the Drupal content management framework.

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