Multisite project: Relaunch of the e-learning platform tts University

Website tts University

tts GmbH is the leading e-learning provider in the German-speaking world. With our support, the company has now launched the completely revised website ttps University.

After the content marketing platform insights, we also implemented the website tts University based on Drupal 8/Thunder for tts. This is part of a multi-site architecture, so that changes and further developments can be rolled out on all tts platforms.

The target group of the bilingual platform are registered customers and service partners of tts (tt performance suite). This is a digital adoption software for creating e-learning offerings, interactive IT simulations and performance support content. tts University offers its users free online tutorials, webinars and individual services, providing them with comprehensive knowledge for preparing and managing content with the tt performance suite.

Registration for this new offering is automated, and lead management and webinar registrations are managed by the Marketing Automation Software Mautic. By integrating Amazon Cognito, we provide users with convenient access to the various tts portals via single sign-on.


Website tts University

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