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With its high-performance wiki, the listed group puts its corporate knowledge on track – across national borders.

"Courage to change" – this motto guides SIXT on its road to success. With innovative strength, the car rental company with three vehicles has become one of the world's leading mobility service providers in around 100 years of company history. An important role in the family business has always been played by the workforce, whose motivation is seen as the basis for dynamism and progress.


Knowledge management with a lot of potential

Internal communication and collaboration is of strategic importance at SIXT and is consistently driven forward using digital means: 8,500 employees and numerous franchisees from a total of over 110 countries use the SIXT intranet. However, there were significant limitations in the use of this multilingual knowledge management solution. Particularly when searching for information on-demand at SIXT counters, employees found it difficult to quickly find the correct and valid information in a hierarchical navigation structure that had evolved over the years. The search offered many hits, but not necessarily the relevant ones. To address this, we subjected the SIXT Wiki to a structural and technological overhaul in order to use knowledge management to enable SIXT's operational business processes to run smoothly.

Focus on user experience for employees and editors

We tackled three measures: restructuring the content, improving the user experience, and establishing governance for knowledge management. Taxonomies ensure a thematic allocation of content and replace the outdated location in the structure tree. These form the basis for fast searching and filtering, while meta information controls playout and supports editing. A modified navigation allows access to content via the taxonomies while providing powerful search functionality with filtering options. This improved usability was an essential basis for the acceptance of the new solution.

In addition, binding governance now regulates the framework conditions for the operation of the individual solution, the processes and workflows of the editorial team, and quality assurance.

Knowledge as corporate capital

Today, the SIXT Wiki is the central platform for quick access to corporate knowledge: The use of the SIXT intranet is firmly anchored in the daily work routine for employees. Through the efficient internal transfer of knowledge, the platform constantly strengthens SIXT's productivity and innovative capacity.

SIXT Intranet

When it comes to digitization, we always like to be one big step ahead. With UEBERBIT, we are also consistently following this path with our intranet – so that we can also offer our employees a state-of-the-art experience in the company.

Anne Bechtel
Anne Bechtel
Senior Executive Manager Internal Communications

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