Multistore for five publishing brands

The web presences of the brands PERSEN, AOL-Verlag, Auer Verlag, Klippert Medien and ForRefs are bundled under the umbrella of AAP Lehrerfachverlage GmbH, which belongs to the Klett Group.
Multistore Konzept für fünf Verlagsmarken

After we transferred the five separate websites of the brands PERSEN, AOL-Verlag, Auer Verlag, Klippert Medien and ForRefs onto one jointly shared technical platform, it has become easy to manage the different web pages and shops and it saves time.

Der Persen Verlag - eine Instanz des Multistore Konzepts

Optimized shop management

With the objective of reducing the administration costs and resource expenditure associated with parallel operation of separate AAP shops, we designed and implemented a multistore solution built on the basis of the e-commerce system Magento.

Thanks to its native support of multistore functions, Magento makes it possible – with just one installation – to set up multiple shops with autonomous product catalogs and separate customer bases. Upkeep, maintenance and management are carried out through a central backend, which also allows access to the individual shops for analysis purposes. In this manner, the monetary and resource expenditure for the operation of the separate websites is significantly reduced.

User-friendliness for five brand shops

The concept drafting of the multistores encompassed a stocktaking situation review of the website page structure, drafting of wireframes within the interaction design as well as the reconciliation of the visual design screen. The resulting platform presents the publisher brand shops in responsive web design and offers optimal usability on different end devices.

Rundum optimiert für jedes Device

Magento-based multistore application for five publishing houses

Shop Management

Simplified product and content management thanks to central backend functionality

Managed Services

Effective administration and technical support for the Magento-based multistore architecture