The marketing portal mylife revolves around the topic of health

As one of the most modern health portals in Germany, mylife is the flanking companion to the extensive print spectrum from Hubert Burda Media. Its high-quality, constantly updated content reaches a broad target group for the company’s reach marketing.
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mylife is the health portal of BurdaLife, the business division in the National media brand of Hubert Burda Media which has the most reach. Our project team took care of both the SEO concept as well as the conceptualization and design development of the platform. In addition, we also carried out the technical implementation by using the content management system Thunder, which is based on Drupal 8.


The project team of UEBERBIT took charge of conception and design development as well as the technical realization of our new health platform on Thunder basis. They provided excellent work.

Christian Sattel, Director Digital - BurdaLife


Marketing portal with a magazine look-and-feel


Content management system Thunder, which is based on Drupal 8


Flexible campaign and ad management for control of advertising spaces