Intranet as Digital Workplace

Cooperation and communication at the cutting edge - at Stadtwerke Heidelberg, this is ensured by a modern intranet based on the Drupal content management framework.

The energy provider supplies customers in Heidelberg and the surrounding region with gas, electricity and heat. It also coordinates local public transport in the university city and operates swimming pools and car parks.

Communication tool with powerful technology

Internal communication at Stadtwerke Heidelberg therefore plays an essential role: connecting the different work areas and departments and providing them with information. When we started our work as a digital agency for the Stadtwerke, the organisation was operating a platform for this on a technological basis that did not meet modern requirements. We developed a future-proof, individually tailored software solution.

Intranet der Stadtwerke Heidelberg

User-centred process

With the open-source system Drupal, we developed an instrument along the lines of user needs that also links existing IT systems and tools in a perfectly fitting way.

By means of user-centred design, a central communication and identification channel was created. In the conception, design and development process, we focused on the wishes and needs of the users. First, we created an appealing user interface with a clear structure. The design conveys the design of the current employer branding campaign.

Subsequently, we implemented the basic system with many interactive functions, such as commenting, liking and personal profiles. Images, picture galleries and videos add an emotional facet to the text content. Content from the corporate website and important documents are seamlessly integrated and easily accessible to the entire staff. The editorial team conveniently maintains all content for this digital workplace in the backend.

Inform, publish, interact

The interaction of a user-centred approach with the optimal software makes the intranet the leading internal platform of the Stadtwerke Heidelberg - also on mobile devices. From the single sign-on at the beginning of the working day, the start page provides access to all central information, services and applications. Every employee can become active and publish his or her own content, such as network news and classified ads.

Since the relaunch, the intranet has experienced greatly improved acceptance and use and promotes collegial exchange. Shortly after the platform's launch, daily logins doubled. In the long run, it will strengthen the organisational culture and, thanks to its flexible technological equipment with open source software, also meet new requirements.

Intranet der Stadtwerke Heidelberg

UEBERBIT was a real partner for us, who always found ideas and solutions for the user requirements from the Stadtwerke Heidelberg team. The cooperation was extremely pleasant and collegial. And we have achieved our goal: our stadtNETZwerk has become the leading digital platform for information and exchange. The result has given a real push to dialogue and togetherness in the company.

Ellen Frings, Stadtwerke Heidelberg
Ellen Frings
Head of Corporate Communications
Stadtwerke Heidelberg

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