Digital platform for SUPERillu

The magazine-website bolsters the SUPERillu brand in the digital arena. With Thunder/Drupal 8 as the high-performance editing system, the editors can comfortably maintain content and carry out communication measures.
SuperIllu Device Vorschau

This mobile end device-optimized website is intended to enhance name recognition of the SUPERillu brand, which is already well-established in the formerly East German federal Länder (states). During the relaunch of the website, we assisted the SUPERillu Verlag GmbH (Hubert Burda Media) with the conception, SEO consulting, design and technical implementation.


Responsive Relaunch der Superillu

Strategic re-orientation

With the relaunch of its magazine-website, the SUPERillu Verlag takes one further step in the direction of its new digital orientation. The SUPERillu weekly magazine is successful throughout Germany and the most read magazine in the formerly East German federal Länder (states). As the involved digital agency, we accompanied the relaunch of the mobile end device-optimized SUPERillu website from its conception all the way to its technical implementation.

Digital branding

The new web presence should further develop visibility of the SUPERillu-Digital digital brand. During its conception phase, it was the goal to achieve a publication that could emotionally address its readers – that would not only report about prominent public figures, but also focus on the man on the street and tell the stories with relevance to the local community. In particular, the »Land« and »People« magazine sections contain such articles and these are regularly updated.


Klarer Fokus auf die Rubriken „Land“ und „Leute“.

Publishing made comfortable

So that online editors can easily and conveniently create and maintain content, we made various improvements in the Drupal 8 and Thunder-based backend pages. The end result is that now, communication measures, such as the vote for the »Goldene Henne« audience award, can easily be carried out.



Magazine website for digital branding and marketing


Thunder / Drupal 8