Corporate website BKK Pfalz

Approximately 190,000 members belong to the BKK Pfalz, a nation-wide health insurance company in Germany with a company history going back more than 90 years. The central tool for customer communication is its corporate website. As the key medium, it was tailored to the wishes of the target groups and the online editors. - Corporate Website

The modern service platform encompasses the entire service spectrum of BKK Pfalz and keeps it close to its members, interested persons and potential members. The users are presented with large images and clear structure, while the editors now have available a convenient content management system.


Using a smart system for target group communication

Modern web portal

The navigation system offers a direct entry by means of spheres of life and topics. Generously sized images with authentic themes create nearness to website visitors and are also repeated as visual bookmarks in the entire multimedial communication of BKK Pfalz. To facilitate access to all documentation, we created an online style guide that contains information to the most important design guidelines and serves as a basis for a end-to-end standardized appearance on the Internet.

Users of the portal can subscribe to the BKK newsletter for which we designed templates for mobile devices.


Using a smart system for target group communication

The Drupal-based technical platform satisfies all demands placed on contemporary content management. Its usage provides the editors with a powerful system for the website content. An in-place editor makes it possible for them to create and maintain content simultaneous with the workflow running. A dashboard with drag & drop functionality also supports them during searches and structuring of data.

Target group communication

Corporate website for 190,000 health insurance program members

Corporate Design

Image concept and style guide for the main digital medium


Content management with Drupal