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Scale your omni-channel business with your own marketplace

Today’s customers are empowered. They are accustomed to shopping experiences with the convenience of Amazon, where a Marketplace of 3rd party sellers creates a virtually endless aisle of products at competitive prices with a high quality of service.

The Mirakl Marketplace Platform™ is the only fully integrated solution for lighting-fast product expansion, increased customer reach and loyalty—all with minimal resource investment.

Why Mirakl?

  • Grow Revenues

    Grow top-line revenue by acquiring and keeping new customers – Improve SEO and site traffic while preventing missed sales

  • Improve customer experience

    Deliver the customer experience today’s shoppers demand by quickly and easily extending assortment through trusted third-party sellers

  • Invest in growth, not time

    The Mirakl API-based platform plugs directly into your e-commerce tech ecosystem, letting you focus on identifying and onboarding new sellers, not integrating technology.

  • Optimize eCommerce

    More data for personalization engines and AI, more opportunities for omni-channel interactions, more assortment without overhead.



Invest in growth, not time, with the Mirakl Marketplace Platform

With the Mirakl Marketplace Platform™ it is possible to plug directly into both your own systems as well as the systems of others in the e-commerce ecosystem (e.g. vendors, aggregators) via cutting-edge, API-based technology.

This provides automated catalog integration and management, communication with sellers, setup and management of rules (for things like shipping and logistics, customer service levels, vendor performance).


Would you like to know more?

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