Managed services

The basis for every web-based transformation process is the usage of high-performance hosting architecture with high availability. With over 20 years experience in the development of digital applications, we can draw from the extensive experience garnered while putting web-based projects into operation and offer you tailor-made hosting services in this area.


Requirements profile, architecture concept and selection of the hosting provider

In accordance with your specifications – regardless of whether with a Linux stack for TYPO3, Drupal, Magento or other web applications or with a hosting solution based on Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SharePoint – we will create for you a workable concept and support you during the transition. If desired, we will work with your development agency or IT department.  While doing so, we will appropriately scale the solution, which can run the gamut from single application solutions up to global high-availability architectures in conjunction with CDN providers (Content Delivery Networks). We act provider-independent: whether with our partners Profitbricks, or with Amazon AWS, Hetzner, Bare Metal or Microsoft Azure. We find the optimal and most cost effective hosting solution for your requirements profile.


Services in operation

By means of our extensive monitoring and reporting system based on Icinga and Grafana, we ensure an overview of the performance resources and availability of your application at all times. In these regards, your own personal administrator is always available as a contact partner for your IT and for your developers. Since we are familiar with what we host, we quickly uncover weak spots and potentials. You can also entrust us with the installation of security-relevant updates, set-up of DevOps processes and the regularly scheduled testing of the backup system. Naturally, if needed, we can likewise take care of your entire domain and SSL certificate portfolio. 


Secure cloud

We can no longer do without cloud solutions when it comes to flexible operation of business-critical applications. We create cloud solutions while complying with the requirements of the German "Datenschutzgesetz" (German privacy and personal data protection law) using sites in Germany, with ISO 27001 certified partners and employees trained in data protection-related matters.