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These days, IT managers and administrators must face complex challenges in order to keep their companies equipped with up-to-date software solutions and applications. At the same time, steps for digitalization need to be taken in almost all areas. Technology and platform related decisions need to be made everywhere and new applications need to be harmonized with existing IT landscapes.

For years, we have daily grappled with the very specific challenges posed by the inhomogeneous IT environments of larger medium-sized companies. Our individually designed and developed software solutions and applications are able to be integrated smartly in their architecture. It is in this way that we digitalize their processes successively, but sustainably.

Armed with our web-based applications and programs, we support you during a variety of tasks and subjects, e.g. innovation management, training organization, continuing vocational education, data analysis, competitor analysis or product information management. Undergoing this process, your platforms and portals will become efficient tools for analysis & monitoring, planning and control.

The development of our individual solutions takes place both using Microsoft platforms based on C# or .NET as well as using the cosmos of open-source PHP frameworks such as Symfony or Zend.


Digital Transformation

Promoting digitalization with smart solutions

Quite often, "digitalization", or the digital transformation, will be described as, or conjure up perceptions of, a set of enormously complex tasks. Overcoming many of the obstacles can already be aided by small and smart solutions that help you reach the next steps of the digitalization process. We analyze your real-world application cases and draft custom-made individual solutions for you – without even having to jar the foundations of your existing IT architecture. Explain your problem and requirements to us – we will find a solution.

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